First and foremost we are memory-making machines 


Why is God?

Men invented God because they were afraid of the Goddess within women. 


We use words to carve our thoughts in time.




complicating the issue while trying to simplify it.

Grandfather Paradox

Considering the relative strengths of maternal and paternal certitude it really should be called the grandmother paradox.

FYI: Generally (but lifted from Wikipedia) “the grandfather paradox is a paradox of time travel in which inconsistencies emerge through changing the past. The name comes from the paradox’s common description as a person who travels to the past and kills their own grandfather, preventing the existence of their father or mother and therefore their own existence.Any inconsistency in past events may be regarded as a grandfather paradox.”

Considering the relative strengths of maternal and paternal certitude it really should be the grandmother paradox.


Just like we anthropomorphise abstract notions of good and evil into god and the devil, so to do we put faces to the moral code of our socialization.

Demons and angels are the way our minds interpret the battle between selfish individual selection and altruistic group selection: the two currents of evolution we swim in.

People seek the divine in fantasies while ignoring the Thing staring them in the face. Individuals seek to be part of something larger than themselves failing to see that simply by birth, they are.

There’s one lifeform on this planet: DNA. Humans are the fruiting bodies of one particularly successful branch on this billions year-old tree.

The only ‘other’ you’ll ever commune with is this ‘other’, but it’s not other at all. We’re the conscious eyes and ears of this thing and no wonder it compells us to explore; sit in the one place too long and we devour ourselves.

That we seek meaning is not a spiritual matter. There are no spirits or ghosts, not out there. These are all just whispers or screams of the ‘other’ inside.

To survive, our brains have evolved into finely tuned meaning seeking machines, of course we apply this to ourselves: recursion is the Abyss.

What, then, is my point you might ask?

You’re the talking, thinking and sexually reproducing, meaning-creating flower of a 3 billion year old life-form that is spinning around a time-stretched gravity well at the bottom of which is a stable ember of creation.

Good enough for me.

1st Person Butterfly Effect

Ever notice how some days everyone is in a bad mood and everything seems to go awry; like everyone got up on the wrong side of the bed?

But this is implausible. The chance of everyone randomly getting up on the wrong side of the bed is virtually nil, and bad days are reasonably common.

I have a theory.

This is that the first person who wakes up on a given day is responsible for setting the mood, and if on that first interaction something untoward happens (stubbed toe leads to not saying please for your coffee etc.) that’s the day gone. That dark mood spreads far and wide like a virus in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Conversely, should that first person be having a cracker, that happy business just spreads.

So I’d like to call on that first person, whoever you are, whatever little niggling thing happens to you on that first human interaction, suck it up buddy; take one for the team and help reduce sales of Prozac.