Gawd help us?

Religious people say they serve god. It’s actually nobler to serve other people.

I don’t believe in god; the same faculty for reason that enables me not to die myriad avoidable deaths, informs this lack of belief.

Sure, heaven – or whatever you call it – is a nice idea, but on the whole it seems far more likely that we are alone on this pebble.

Does this idea scare me?
Am I terrified of not knowing why I am here?
Do I fret about what will happen when I die?

No, life’s too short and the Universe is too amazing.

Maybe if other people embraced the idea that we are alone, that this life is the only shot you get, they would spend more time serving other people, and less time demonising them.


5 responses to “Gawd help us?

  1. Believers of Jesus serve God by serving other people, just like Jesus did! If you read one of the gospels in the Bible, you can see all that humble things Jesus did for people. I hope it’s okay to put a verse here:
    1 Peter 4:10
    Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
    I agree that life is too short and the universe is too amazing!

    • I just don’t think you need God or Jesus or a holy book to tell you these things. In my mind, being told, somehow diminishes the act.

  2. It’s not that Christians just try to do what God says, but also because of the grace and love he gives us that enables us to willingly serve others. When we let Him pour His abundant grace and love onto us, it overflows out to other people! True Christians serve others because of the grace and love God has given them. I don’t expect you to believe this, I am just stating what I truly believe.

  3. What defines true humans? The thing is, it isn’t what we do that defines us, because if that were true, than a murderer who decides to serve others could be called a true human. We all have free will, anyone can decide to serve others, but all that really matters is if they truly want to serve others (which, if they actually enjoy serving others because they have a heart for them, then isn’t that better than serving others just because they decide to?).

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