If, like me, you lack the chopstick wielding skills to effectively clear your household of flying buzzy things and are happy to kill the little six legged buggers  that encroach on your psychological well being, can I suggest that you don’t buy Mortein or Baygon.

And I don’t just mean, don’t buy the low irritant ones (which a customer support lady at Mortein actually informed me are so harmless to humans that they are completely ineffective against bugs – think cockroaches & nuclear war and you start to get the picture)

What you should buy is anything with Chinese, Thai or Arabic writing down the side of the can or anything marked ‘For Export’, so basically, anything from Aldi or the Markets.

Anything else is a waste of time. Now I don’t want to imagine what they put in this stuff, but it does kill bugs – all of them – and I can only assume it’s not killing that many Thai, Chinese or Arabic speaking peoples…


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