the lot

A lot should really be alot. It would save alot of time for alot of people and would allow alot more people to allot less time while saying a little more in their text messages without having to allot more funds to their budget

I get that their is alot of debate regarding this on the internet and it seems that alot of word facists and – shoch horror – racists really get a kick out of holding this over people, alot of people.

To the word fascists is say merely, ‘get over it’, we move with the time here on the intergoogle and if  ‘meh’ can make it into the dictionary then the words ‘a’ and ‘lot’ can hook up. The other alott has two t’s anyway, so what’s the hassle.

To the racists out there, and I use the word lightly because race is not really a valid way of making distinctions between people, I say ‘if you have to win an argument by mugging ‘English as a second, third, fourth or eighth language’ people with grammar’ (yes, they generally are far smarter than you, the single language, first-world males who seem to simultaneously inhabit every comment field on every website of the entire www) then you should, perhaps, not have engaged in the argument in the first place.

Please don’t confuse this to pulling someone up on semantics: one of the most pleasurable passtimes know to the human animal.


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