It’s Not Art…

…if you call it art. Subsequently, you are not an artist if you call yourself an artist. You are however more than likely a bit of a tosser and have your hand firmly on it.

‘Artist’ is a title like ‘Doctor’ or ‘Engineer’ and titles are conferred by other people, thus only other people can decide if your creation is, as Zoidberg would put it, ‘an art’.

Painter; Writer, Seamster, Creator of Work: only other people have the capacity to say whether or not your work is that of an artist.

A reasonably good sign is if someone tries to buy it from you. A somewhat less reliable indicator is if they try to hang it on their walls. But the most surefire way to know that you are an artist is if other people start calling you one – preferably lots of them.

It is at this stage that you have an important choice to make, because if you personally adopt the title then you are essentially putting your hand on it, in a way very similar to the one mentioned earlier in the piece.


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