Spellchecker cunt, I mean can’t…

I must admit that me and irony have a checkered past.

You see, apparently, I often mistake coincidence for irony.

The only noteworthy thing about this is that apparently (again) so many people do this that we might just better off swapping the definitions of irony and coincidence. Or calling ironic things, dark coincidences, or something.

The latest thing that I thought was ironic was the fact that the facebook spellchecker spell checks facebook (as a word) but not twittering. (apparently also, she sells seashells by the sea shore)

Maybe it’s not ironic, but it is odd.

Not as odd, however, as the hidden stash words that must be lurking within a hidden folder of Microsoft word.

I refer to the FUCK/CUNT spell-check conundrum.

Fact 1) Spellcheck does not suggest fuck as an option if you mistype it fack

Fact 2) Spellcheck does not put a red squiggly line under fuck if you get it right.

Fact 3) Spellcheck does put a red squiggly line under cunt, when you get it right.

Fact 4) Again, spellcheck accepts clit but does not suggest it.

So what’s the deal? There’s a hidden cuss folder but they left cunt out?

I mean come on, Queen Victoria had a cunt before she had a vagina!


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