Being mentally healthy, whatever that means. Our understanding of the human mind is pitiful, to say the least. This is in no small part because we are trying to understand the mind with the mind — sort of a psychological measurement problem. Because of this, it’s safe to go for the lowest threshold of sane you can find. It is this …

if you can feed, bathe, clothe and house yourself, then you are probably sane; everything else is up for debate.



Those  people who insists that other peoples’ sexuality is a choice, have clearly chosen their own.

Bladerunner 2049

Bladerunner 2049 is a sequel that attempts and succeeds in reaching back into the original film and rearranging it contextually in your mind. 

Feelings 1.1

Emotion is singular. It varies in intensity only. The labels and polarity we ascribe are purely subjective. 

It is up to you, through introspection, reflection and brutal honesty to determine why you feel. How or what are misleading questions. 

Working through emotion is a process, a complex looping internal narrative. It is ill-served by glib single-word assessments such as love, hate, jealousy or envy.

More importantly, although you may feel intense emotion because of another human, it is your emotion; you are responsible for it, not them. 

The most Australian sentence of all time.

I’m so thirsty I could tongue the arse out of a low-flying beer.


Isms are neutral until you add a prejudice. 

Up to date 

The moment you finish writing the words ‘up to date’, you’re lying.